I have stated in previous articles

I have stated in previous articles that companies who make photo-rejuvenation devices use certain kinds of light in their products. It is the ability plants LED Panel Light Suppliers and animals have to take inputs like food, air, water and LIGHT and change them into useful benefits such as; respiration, digestion, movement, CELL DIVISION, etc. Before I go any further Id like to make sure we understand the word metabolism. Id like to carry the plant analogy a little further to address this question. Plants thrive in an acid environment; we do better when we are more alkaline. We thrive on oxygen and expel carbon dioxide; plants thrive on carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. The color choices are not random nor are they used because they look good.In a word, yes.

So, when you see your garden plants growing faster as summer approaches, think about how invigorating purple and ultra violet light is to plant cells, and realize, that the correct photo-rejuvenation device is as equally invigorating to our skin cells. We seem to do very well with light that is opposite from purple and ultra violet namely red and infrared. Plants love ultra violet light and thrive when they get a lot of it, we on the other hand can tolerate it, but a lot of ultra violet light can be damaging to our cells.

In another article I recently wrote I used photosynthesis in plants as an analogy to illustrate why photo-rejuvenation devices works. There are actual reasons why you see the colors you see LED photo rejuvenation lights. It also explains why you shouldnt see purple or ultra violet lights in them. The metabo part of the word means to change and ism is an action, so it is the action of changing. That is precisely why you will see red, or colors close to red such as amber, and infrared in photo rejuvenation devices. Now lets look at some of these opposites.

I find it fascinating that when it comes to the metabolism of plants and us that we often work opposite to plants and visa versa.
. By the way infrared is light that is not visible to us but is seen or detected by our cells and is very stimulating to them.