If you are going to store things

Many people refinish the basement as a play area, a family room or for a bar area for the adults. Your outside holiday decorations will be fine down there, even if the basement does flood, your cut crystal angel will not. But, if the basement becomes damp or worse, a flooded mess every time that you turn around, it may not be as much of a good thing as you had thought. For most, a basement is considered a huge bonus, not only because it provides an extra level of living, but for the extra storage space that can be found there as well. Anything else that you choose to put in the basement should be put into plastic totes with tightly fitting lids. This can be another cause of a flooded basement.
.When people go house hunting they have several things in mind for their new home. Research these basement finishing companies and get estimates and then consider how much you will really be “living” down there.

If you are going to store things in the basement, start with water resistant, durable items. They are the first to be inundated with water during a flood. Keep laundry detergent, especially the powdered variety, off of the ground or you will have to deal not only with water, but suds as well.

The basement can often be the setting of the laundry room- which in many households is visited at least daily. In the blink of an eye, you might end up with a flooded basement. The lids may not be waterproof, but they will slow a lot of the water down. Never store laundry detergent boxes directly in front of a washing machine, even if it is not in the basement. These are available in a large range of sizes, and are stackable. If you will only be in that level once or twice a year, then is it really worth the expense of having to make the basement waterproof and then decorate? If you are down there frequently or find that your family is just outgrowing the upper levels of your home, then by all means move ahead. They would like a nice kitchen, plenty of bathrooms and LED Slim Flood Light tons of storage.

Items that simply cannot survive a flooded basement should either be stored some place else, or on high shelves if that is not possible. You never know when the machine will leak and you’d end up needed water damage restoration for your bubbly, flooded basement. Also, be sure that this is not the area of the basement that you use for storage, especially for expensive, or precious items. This is in preparation of a flooded basement. All of the items that are stored in that basement can become submerged and ruined in the blink of an eye so think carefully before you start piling valuable things down there. Because the washer is yet another source of water in that area, consider flooring that can take the occasional flooding and install drains. Basements can develop leaks, especially if they are set in low-lying areas. There are many systems that can insure that you do not waste the effort of creating a new space only to lose it to a water damage restoration effort.